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I had a really great experience working with Jessica. When I reached out to her my baby was waking up 5+ times per night, naps were a disaster, and she had to be rocked to sleep. I was completely exhausted and feeling defeated! After a few weeks following the plan that Jessica came up with my baby is now sleeping through the night and taking three solid naps per day. She also puts herself to sleep with little to no crying. My whole family is sleeping better and we are all much happier! Jessica not only provided a plan to follow but she answered my questions as they came up and would get back to me quickly with time sensitive questions. Sleep training is hard and can be very frustrating, but having Jessica’s support and input really made things a lot easier for me and I felt confident in what I was doing. I cannot recommend her enough!”
— Lauren, mother of 5.5 month old
We hired Jessica/ Luli Sleep for my second child. She’s truly best. I had sleep trained my first baby at 5 months. So, of course, I thought I could handle Baby #2. But babies know how to say “ha”. After 9 months we were going crazy. Baby was up every 2 hours, and breast-feeding through the night. Before calling her, I had read all the books, bought all the gadgets, and tried everything, thinking I could do it solo again. When my bday came by my husband wanted to give me jewelry. I said no, give me sleep! Super happy he did! Within a week my baby’s sleep pattern incredibility improved, and even slept through the night. Then, baby got sick with an ear infection that did not have fever— secret ear infections- (I didn’t even know was possible). Like a true coach, she kept in touch with us. And then helped us to get back quickly on track. Just in time for Game of Thrones series finale ;).We can finally watch TV at night! Thanks, Jessica!
— Doris, mother of 9 month old (Brazil)
Working with Jessica has been life changing! Both my girls have been sleep trained at 20 weeks with the support of Jessica which made it as easy as can be. 3-4 days of hard work and voila, sleeping 11-12 hours a night with solid naps! I cannot imagine being a mother of 2 girls 15 months apart without having gone through this process with Jessica. It allows me to a have a life and get the rest I need to be ON when the girls are up! Thank you thank you!!!
— Miriam, mother of 2 girls (Guatemala)
AMAZING! Life changing! We hired Jessica to help us with our then 15 month old who was still being rocked to sleep for naps and bedtime. Naps were inconsistent (ranging from 40 min to max 1h20 min) and early risings were going on for months (no one wants to be up at 5am for weeks on end). Within 10 days we had a totally different routine and our son was doing 2+ hour naps and waking at 7am every day!!! She is amazing, attentive, knowledgeable, straight shooter, and truly improved the entire household sleep. Oh and did I mention we had already worked with another sleep consultant before and it didn’t work??? I cannot recommend Jessica enough! We are expecting baby #2 and will definitely be reaching out soon!!
— Yamit, Mother of 15 month old
Before hiring Jessica I read some reviews from happy clients and prayed that I would one day write one myself! Here I am. I reached out to Jessica when my son was 5 1/2 months and had never slept more than 2-3 hours, ever, in his life. I was beyond exhausted and didn’t know what to do. Jessica made the process extremely easy to follow and the support was 100%. Although not always easy I really stuck with it and within 2-3 weeks my son was napping 3x a day (in his crib, which he had never done before) and now 11 hours a night! That is priceless. I have recommended Jessica to many of my friends and clients. If you are reading this, you need her!
— Arielle, mother of 5 month old
Jessica’s technique got our 3 year old son sleeping through the night on his own! I still can’t believe it it’s true. We wouldn’t have been able to do this on our own and the investment was totally worth it
— Nadine, mother of 3 year old
We had wanted to hire Jessica for a very long time, but we were worried that perhaps our daughter was “untrainable”. She was never a great sleeper but since the day she turned 3 months she started waking up every hour on the hour to nurse until she was about 8 months old, when we finally moved her to her own room. Things improved until she learned to walk at 10.5 months. She began waking up at all hours and we had to resort to co-sleeping once again, which we were not happy about. After her first birthday we contacted Jessica. We were nervous about the process but she immediately made us feel at ease. After about 2 weeks she was sleeping 12-13 hours at night. Her napping also improved significantly. Our only regret is not having contacted Jessica sooner!
— Melissa, mother of 1 year old
Our five and a half month old was hit hard by the 4-month sleep regression. And we were desperate for more than 2 hours of sleep in a row. But I had no idea where to start! So I reached out to Jessica at Luli Sleep Consulting and she truly has been a dream come true! She assisted me in decided which sleep method was right for us and really walked me through the whole process. Not only was she there for support through the initial steps of sleep training, she has been a support system for me as my daughter gets older. I would HIGHLY recommend Luli and Jessica, to anyone and everyone! Sleep training with and through her has been the BEST! Rested baby = happy mom!!
— Erin, mother of 5 month old
I had incorrectly assumed that sleeping the night would be a natural event that would take place as my baby got older. However, after 8 months of consistent nightly wakings, I was exhausted and felt overwhelmed. I signed up for a 2 hour group class with Jessica where she explained in depth the process of infant/baby/toddler sleep and provided some great tips for sleep training which were very helpful. However, I found that I needed more one on one guidance and hired her as a consultant. When we started, I thought my baby boy would never sleep the night. I thought I had tried everything. But after coming up with a plan with Jessica, I noticed results within one week! Jessica empowers you through the process of sleep training and provides kind and practical guidance that really helps. My only regret is not contacting Luli Sleep sooner.
— Melissa, mother of 13 month old
Hard to put into words the overwhelming appreciation I have for Jessica at Luli Sleep Consulting. I was challenged with getting my child to fall asleep without being held or crying or me being in his room. I tried multiple approaches and nothing worked. I found myself saying this is just a phase and he’ll grow out of it, there’s no harm in holding him to fall asleep, and besides I obviously enjoyed my quality time with him. Boy was I wrong. He started waking up in the middle of the night . I started to lose my own sleep because I was waking up so much. Finally I said to myself enough is enough. I was referred to Jessica through mutual acquaintances. The phone consultation was so comforting and she was so relatable with common stories of similar challenges. She made me feel like I could tackle this head on and that if I follow the plan that by the end of the program my son would be an independent sleeper. I would characterize her as a positive “coach”. I needed that extra encouragement and kick in the butt to cut the bad habits and with Jessica’s assistance my son conquered his fear of sleeping alone within 1 week. I highly recommend Jessica and her company to anyone and everyone that needs a little help to put their little ones to sleep! Thank you for everything!!
— Michelle, mother of 22 month old
Before meeting with Jessica, I was waking up every morning (wishfully) thinking: Maybe tonight they’ll surprise me and sleep through the night! After meeting with Jessica, this wishful thinking became my new reality. I was pleasantly surprised and undoubtedly grateful that soon after implementing the strategies we had discussed, my twins were sleeping soundly through the night. Sleep training isn’t easy, but having the right support makes a world of a difference. Thank you Luli Sleep!!
— Analy, mother of 6 month old twins
My husband and I were at the end of our rope. Really. Our daughter who is 5 years old would not sleep. I dreaded putting her to sleep every night because it meant sitting in her room for an hour, sometimes two, until she fell asleep and then dealing with multiple night awakenings. We had spent months on end, years, with little to no sleep. We were miserable. And then we met Jessica and we made the decision to implement her sleep training program as consistently as possible. Jessica saved my life. Thanks to her, I have energy again. I am happy and in a good mood most days. I am enjoying being a mom. Our family is very grateful.
— Carolina, mother of 5.5 year old
Jessica is AMAZING!!! She’s super knowledgeable, sweet, patient, and super attentive. My baby was waking up multiple times a night, and within a short period of time he was sleeping 11 hours straight. She walked us through everything, gave very useful handouts, and was always available. She also really helped my baby with his naps. He was a TERRIBLE napper, and would only nap in my arms, after some serious bouncing (leaving me drained and exhausted- not to mention my day was consumed by trying to put him to sleep and then holding him while he slept) - thanks to Jessica’s guidance he now naps 3 times a day all on his own. She’s magical. I HIGHLY recommend her. Best thing we did was hire her. Super grateful to her.
— Ingrid, mother of 5 month old
I was a shell of a human before you came into my life and not the mother I wanted to be. With your help to finally help my baby sleep so that I can finally sleep, I am finally able to have my life back. My baby, too, went from being a very tired fussy crying baby who only wanted to be with mom to now being the happiest baby and laughing and smiling all the time with everyone. Thank you!
— Catherine, mother of 6 month old
I was sleepless for 18 months and within a week, I got my sleep back. Just a few adjustments that we were not obvious to us and a few nights of practicing the procedure and we were good to go! It’s amazing how you appreciate your 8 hour sleep when it comes back into your life and how happy your child is when they wake up after an 11 hour straight sleep. I wish I hadn’t waited so long!!
— Katya, mother of 18 month old
Working with Luli sleep has proven to be most effective and supportive experience for me providing real one on one support. There are many methods to follow but I’ve found that as each child’s needs are unique, getting this individual coaching attention proves fastest results. I highly recommend using this service as it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the entire family. Everyone wins! Thank you for all your help Luli Sleep!!!!!
— Daniella, mother of 3
Jessica’s technique got our 3 year old son sleeping through the night on his own! I still can’t believe it it’s true. We wouldn’t have been able to do this on our own and the investment was totally worth it.
— Nadine, mother of 3 year old
Estoy mas que agradecida, ya que por miedo a que mi hija sufirera y llorara mucho yo no descansaba porq cada vez que ella despertaba que era cada hora yo siempre iba a verla para que se tranquilizara pero se fue haciendo una costumbre para ella. No me arrepiento en lo mas mínimo de haber recibido la ayuda necesaria para ensenarla a dormir, y el hecho de que siempre estuviste presente tanto de mi hija como de mis dudas, inquietudes y la manera que iba llevando el metodo fue lo que me mantuvo fuerte a segurilo .Ya que no me gustaba escucharla llorar de esa manera, y la niña aprendió muy rápido y ahora duerme tan bien q podemos descansar todos en casa. Muchas gracias por todo
— Jessica, mother of 9 month old (Mexico City)
This experience has changed my life! I have a 4 year old son and for the past 4 years I haven’t been able to sleep a night in a row. I am a full time working mom and I was exhausted. I heard a colleague at work talking about a “sleeping coach” and I decided to try her. After hiring her and going through the sleeping training program for about a month , my son was sleeping the whole night , going to sleep by himself and I was also sleeping the whole night! :) Hiring her really made a difference in my life!
— Ileana, mother of a 4 year old
Sleep training Julian was definitely challenging but You were so patient and willing to go the extra mile for us. Julian is sleeping 12 hours at night peacefully. He is well rested and happy in the mornings. We are so happy to have our bed and nights back. Thank you!!
— Cassandra, mother of 11.5 month old
Working with you was great! I received a lot of helpful tips and information that has made sleep training easier for us. You were also very motivational and supportive. Loved the fast responses! Thank you for everything!
— Vanessa, mother of 9 month old
Before meeting with Jessica, our son was waking up 8-10x per night for several months. The sleep deprivation caused me to experience postpartum depression. Working with Jessica really gave us the confidence to help our baby sleep at night and during the day. Jessica understands the challenges parents face when teaching their child to sleep and is extremely helpful with any circumstance. After a few months of getting a full night’s sleep, I am finally myself again. We highly recommend her services. It is worth every penny!
— Edith, mother of 8 month old
Working with Jessica / Luli Sleep was life changing! I couldn’t believe my daughter would ever sleep in her crib, much less 12 hours straight. It was tough at first, but Jessica was there every step of the way with positive encouragement and words of wisdom. We really couldn’t have done it without her.
— Elisheva, mother of 12 month old
We never got into a great routine with our son and sleeping. Being our first child, we went with a fly by night approach - not a good idea when children thrive on a schedule! Once our son took the leap out of the crib, and we had to transfer him to a toddler bed, our nightly routines were chaotic. That is when I decided I needed help greater than what I could find searching the internet. I contacted Jessica, and we met at a very convenient location to discuss our current practices and her suggestions based on research and her studies. I certainly learned a lot of tips and pointers. Most importantly, she gave me a clear plan to follow with our 2 year old son. Although it took some time, our nighttime routine is improving (mostly) daily and my husband and I have been able to have restful nights with out much interruption. Also, the whole process of getting my son to bed has shortened and I no longer have to perform ninja like stunts to exit the bedroom without him seeing me. What a relief! Jessica is great and I would highly recommend her if you are a sleepless and exhausted parent like we were!
— Kara, mother of 2 year old
hank you Jessica for changing our lives! Due to SG’s low birth weight and weight loss we were instructed by our doctor to feed her on demand and not try any baby schedules until she gained enough weight. However by 8 months our now chubby baby had no idea how to self soothe or fall asleep on her own! When we met Jessica SG was barely napping and not going to sleep until midnight. She relied mainly on being nursed or rocked to sleep. Jessica gently taught us how to train SG to fall asleep on her own. She listened to all our concerns and answered all our questions. Jessica not only helps with sleep training, she has your baby on a fabulous schedule in no time! The schedule was tailor made to SG! Jessica’s constant unwavering support and encouragement helped make it all possible. She is always available to answer any questions and concerns. Thank you so much!
— Chaya, mother of 8 month old
Our experience with Jessica was positively effective! We were teaching our 20 mo son to sleep for the first time ever and I thought it would be close to impossible to achieve because we co-slept since he was a newborn and were still breastfeeding. So, we sought out for professional help because we needed the constant support. While respecting and minding our parenting style, Jessica helped keep us on the right track to achieve our goals, which were for our son to fall asleep on his own, in the crib. It took short of one week to see results and one month to have drastic improvement in both nap & nighttime sleep habits. We’re grateful for getting the help we need and would recommend this service over and over again!
— Daniella, mother of 20 month old
Jessica was highly recommended when we went looking for help with sleep training our 10 month old son. Working with Jessica has been a very pleasurable experience. After speaking with her for the first 15 min of our first call, I had no doubt that she would help us get our baby sleeping through the night. She is always quick to respond to concerns or questions through stressful moments during the sleep training process. She is patient, kind and understanding. We are happy to say that the sleep training was a success for us and our son. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!!!
— Jessica, mother of 10 month old
We loved working with Luli Sleep. We were nervous it would take a long time to get our daughter sleeping through the night since we tried everything before reaching out to Jessica. However, after a few nights on our custom plan, she was sleeping through the night without demanding milk to go back to sleep or crying to come sleep with us in our bed. I highly recommend working with Luli Sleep!
— Jennifer, mother of a 2 year old
With the help of Luli Sleep Consulting, after 9 months, my husband and I finally got time to ourselves at night! Nothing better than knowing your children are happy and safe sleeping soundly in their own beds!!
— Rachel, mother of 9 month old
My baby was born a low weight preemie, I was instructed by my pediatrician to not sleep train the first few months to be able to catch her up on weight. After 3-4 months of waking up every 2 hours to feed, it was nearly impossible to get her to sleep more. I didn’t want to let my baby cry it out nor did she need me to stay in sight all night. So within the options I was given by Jessica, I was able to implement a happy medium for my baby and it worked wonders. She went from waking 8 times per night to only once after 8 hours straight sleep. Im so happy and so is she. We both have a completely different energy after sleeping well at night and now as Jessica predicted, the baby was very easy to place on a napping schedule as well. My life is so much easier.
— Melissa, mother of 6 month old
I reached out to Jessica when my 16 month old began waking up 2-3 times a night almost every single night. We were exhausted and desperate. I hadn’t even realized all the mistakes I was making. I was putting my baby to sleep in the stroller and once she was asleep, I would transfer her to the crib hoping she wouldn’t wake up. In the middle of the night, we would put her in the stroller when she would wake up or we would go for a drive hoping that would work. After working with Jessica, my baby is sleeping 12 hours a night without interruption and naps almost 2 hours a day. My baby is happier and less irritable with her schedule and so is the entire family. Jessica has made such positive changes in our lives and we are so grateful for all she has done!
— Monica, mother of 16 month old
Making the decision to call Jessica for help with my child’s sleep issues was the best decision I ever made. Being a first time parent, it was hard for me to imagine letting my child cry and so he was nine months and still waking up over five times every night. My husband and I were desperate for sleep and for some normalcy in our lives. Jessica helped us solve this problem by educating us on the different options we had on how to train our son and being there to support us along the way. Without her help I wouldn’t have had the courage to do it. She was very sweet and compassionate and easy to work with. Now my son goes to bed in his crib easily without crying and sleeps 12 hours straight! My husband and I couldn’t be happier. This has truly changed our lives.
— Ana-Mari, mother of 9 month old
My son had silent reflux, which set the stage for some really poor sleep habits. At 8.5 months we were still not sleeping through the night. Finally I found Jessica and our lives forever changed. She came up with the right plan for our specific needs and helped us along each step if the way. Everyone in our house is much happier and rested now, especially Max! Thank you Jessica!!!
— Thais, mother of 8 month old
We met Jessica when our son was 7 months old, after many attempts and reading many many books on how to help him sleep by himself. We were desperate and so sleep deprived that we could not function! We began working with Jessica and with her knowledge, constant support, encouragement and coaching we made it happen. It is totally worth it! Thank you so much Jessica!
— Martha, mother of 7 month old
My 19 month old slept in my bed and woke up for a bottle every 2 hours. I was 9 months pregnant and due in two weeks when Jessica saved me! She came up with a great plan and was there for guidance throughout the entire process. She got my son sleeping in his crib all night. All before I gave birth! We can’t thank you enough and can’t wait to use you for our next child!
— Jackie, mother of 19 month old
We are extremely thankful that we chose to work with Jessica! She gave us the knowledge and the tools to carry out a plan to get our son sleeping. As a first time mom I was anxious and overwhelmed by the thought of the process, but Jessica was truly a comfort and was always quick to be in touch and calm any worries I had (which were a whole lot!). She guided us but also worked with whatever approach we were comfortable with which was amazing! She was a cheerleader and a huge support for us in this process and we could not have done this without her guidance. She was constantly there to check in, even while managing her own family and schedule! Now our son sleeps all night and naps great too, our lives have changed and we are truly blessed to have had Jessica’s help. We would call on her again in the future!
— Jen and John, parents of 16 month old (Nassau, Bahamas)
Jessica saved us! My 4 year old son Matias was having intense insomnia, and there seemed to be no way to set a steady routine with him sleeping in three different homes – my own, his dad’s and his grandparents’. He also seemed to be getting more anxious and excited after 9pm, which made it very difficult to get him to sleep. Jessica studied his case, and worked with our entire family to set up the right routine and structure for him in all homes. She helped us make it a fun adventure that made Mati excited to “sleep in his own bed all night.” It has changed our quality of life and we are now getting the rest that we need.
— Gabriela, mother of 4 year old
Our 9 month old was waking up at least 4x a night and barely napping during the day. She was always cranky, and we were exhausted! We knew that the “cry it out” method existed, but we just didn’t have the heart to lay our daughter in her crib and let her cry. Jessica helped us teach our daughter how to self soothe and put herself to sleep in a way that was not hard on us, and produced surprisingly minimal crying. She really took a lot of time to get to know our routine, what we were comfortable with, and worked with us on a specific plan. Her follow-up was also amazing. Every day she was available to answer any questions that we had. She was extremely responsive (we even heard from her the day she delivered her own son!). She is so dedicated and really believes in what she does. And it works!!!! Our daughter sleeps through the night, naps better during the day, and is so much happier!! Mommy and Daddy are much happier too. We would recommend Jessica to anyone having sleep problems with their children! It’s the best money we ever spent!
— Christina, mother of 9 month old
Letting your baby cry herself to sleep is never fun but as new parents, we had a big goal in mind: to attain the serenity of a peaceful night’s sleep. Jessica taught my husband and I how to teach our daughter how to sleep independently. Not only did she coach us through the do’s and don’ts of sleep training but she was also a HUGE support to us in the process. She eased our nervousness by answering all of our questions and concerns with knowledgeable expertise and the confidence of a seasoned authority. Jessica was positive with us when our daughter was successful and positive for us when our daughter regressed. It has been six months since our sleep training and now she goes down easy for naps and bedtime is a breeze. As of now, our daughter sleeps soundly from 8:30pm to 7am and as first-time parents, we are so grateful to have our beauty rest back – thank you Jessica!!!
— Deborah, mother of 5 month old
Before I hired Jessica, my son would wake up 3-4 times per night crying and I had to get in the bed with him. It would take up to an hour for him to go back to sleep. Most times I gave up and would bring him to my bed. My husband and I would not sleep because he moved all over the bed. But, after two weeks of following Jessica’s instructions and having her guide me every step, my son falls asleep at night in 10 minutes without me in the room and sleeps all night without wake ups. I really thought that this would never happen. Jessica is amazing to work with, extremely motivating, and she gets your child to sleep through the night! Thank you so much Jessica this really was life-changing!!!
— Debbie, mother of 19 month old
We cannot believe our almost 5 year old son is sleeping through the night in his own bed again!! After months of watching his good sleep habits deteriorate we thought we’d have to wait years for him to outgrow his middle of the night waking and climbing into our bed. There is no way we could have gotten here without Jessica. She is amazing at what she does providing a specific and detailed plan of action which she helped us execute day by day. We cannot thank her enough for helping us all gain more sleep and also relieving the stress of bedtime and nighttime we once faced as a family.
— Ariane, mother of 5 year old
Jessica, I can never thank you enough for your advice and support. Now, I have two sleeping kids! Initially I hired you for my baby but I ended up hiring you for my toddler as well. You were there to guide me and cheer me up through the process. I was very close to giving up a few times but your support truly made it easier. The late night texts were awesome, too. Thanks a million!!! You’re amazing! Crazy enough, I’m considering having another child! Must be too much sleep.
— Andrea, mother of 3 year old & 8 month old
I was, in a word, desperate. I had my third child in less than four years. My eight month old was waking up an average of 7-8 times a night. He slept in my bed because I was too tired of getting up every time he woke up. He would only be soothed back to sleep with a bottle. He was up once every hour. I needed help. After my consultation with Jessica I was skeptical but knew I would try anything just to get at least one good night sleep. After three days of following my tailor made training program, my baby slept through the night! He is now 12 months old and still going strong! Worth every penny!!!
— Kelly, mother of 8 month old
I had a great experience working with Jessica. My daughter is almost 2.5 years old, and she is for once sleeping through the night! We are so happy. For many months, she would wake up once or twice at night, but fall back to sleep quickly, so we were dealing with it. One night she decided she no longer wanted to sleep in her crib, and she also no longer wanted to sleep… or nap! It was a struggle for us for weeks, as one of us had to lay down next to her for hours until she was able to fall asleep. And she would wake up multiple times at night, and we had to restart the process. I could not take it anymore, and contacted Jessica. Great decision! I knew it from my first conversation with her. Jessica was very patient, listened to our situation, and reassured us that our daughter would learn to sleep on her own. She came to our house, and adapted a sleep training plan for us. After just a few weeks of consistency, with Jessica’s constant support and availability, our daughter started sleeping 10 hours consecutively, and in a regular bed! I stay with her in the room for 5-10min, kiss her goodnight, and she’ll talk and sing herself to sleep. We are very thankful we met Jessica!
— Karine, mother of 2.5 year old
I went a whole year without sleeping through the night because of my baby until I met Jessica. I don’t really know how I was functioning but my life completely changed once we decided to hire Jessica. My husband and I both agree that it has been one of the best investments we have ever made as the entire family’s sleep and health depended on this. Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and professional.
— Paola, mother of 12 month old
Working with Jessica was wonderful to work with. She was thorough, and we loved how she personalized all the advice and the program based on us. She really listened to us, checked out what our family (and our little girl!) was like, and definitely was dedicated to sticking with us to find something that worked. Before we met with her, our toddler had been waking up twice a night and we were losing perhaps 4 hours of sleep every night. Now, she’s got her routine and sleeps soundly throughout the night.Would happily recommend her to any friends that are “persevering” like we were!
— Bradley, dad of 17 month old
Before working with Jessica, our son co-slept with us and woke up several times at night and needed to be soothed back to sleep. He would occasionally nap in a stroller if we were lucky and didn’t have a set routine or schedule. He did not know how to self soothe or be alone for any period of time and he was petrified of his crib and room. After working with Jessica for one week, our son was sleeping through the night and taking consistent naps in his crib. She gave us the tools and information that guided us to teach our son how to sleep. She was available and communicated with us every step of the way. He now plays in his crib and puts himself to sleep on his own after his bedtime routine. He has made a complete transformation thanks to Jessica.
— Rayvenn, mother of 10 month old
My son, “J” (3 yrs), has never been able to fall asleep on his own, and was waking up at 4 am and not going back to sleep. Jessica was able to help me devise a plan to get him to fall asleep on his own and now he is sleeping in his bed until his alarm clock goes off in the morning. It is just amazing! My daughter, “L” (18 months), was waking every 3 hours and ending up in our bed ultimately around 4 am. She now goes to sleep on her own and will sleep about 11 hours straight. Jessica was always available when I needed her and able to help me to figure out different solutions to many different issues that I was having with my kids. She is very organized and was able to look into my and my husband’s schedule and figure out who was putting them to sleep and how we were going to get on the same page, and was also able to help get our nanny on the same page a well. Thank you so much for everything!
— Becky, mother of 18 month old & 3 year old
Hiring Jessica was the best decision I made for my family. I was sleeping an average of three hours a night since my baby was born, and she only took naps when held. A month later, she is sleeping in her crib, through the night, and taking restorative naps by herself. I never thought it would be possible in such a short time. Jessica is thorough, knowledgeable, and supports you through the process. A well-rested family is a happy family. I recommend Jessica with no reservations.
— Paula, mother of 6 month old
It was pleasure having you train me train my baby to take naps and sleep longer at night. At first I did not think it would work on my baby for some odd reason but two weeks later it worked like a charm. He happily takes his two well needed naps everyday and began sleeping two more hours in the morning! Thank you so much for helping me sleep and have time to do things by teaching him how to sleep consistently. I truly believe this has provided him with healthy sleeping habits that will last
— Jennie, mother of 8 month old
Hiring Jessica has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! It took me two years to realize I was in desperate help to put my daughter to sleep. Before hiring Jessica, my 2 year old daughter went to sleep only with her milk and needed me to stay with her in her room. She came to my bed every night and even on my bed she woke up several times to ask for milk or sleep on top of me. From the first talk, to the meeting Jessica assured me it was possible to change my daughters behavior, and she did not disappoint. It took a lot of effort from me, but her constant support every day with every email, text or call was what made the process much easier than what I expected. After 3 weeks of working with Jessica, I can say my daughter goes to her bed awake, no milk needed, I kiss her goodbye and she goes to sleep alone. She has been sleeping through the night and knows her bed is where she sleeps. I am no longer sleep deprived and my daughter is well rested at night. Thank you for your amazing tips and help, you are truly great at what you do! 1000% recommended for every age and every case!
— Micole, mom of 2 year old
It has and it continues to be a pleasure working with you. I sometimes can’t believe that my son is sleeping through the night and also putting himself to nap! Yes by himself! Very thankful for your continuing support! You are a life saver!
— Lesly, mother of 8 month old
I had a really great experience working with Jessica. When I reached out to her my baby was waking up 5+ times per night, naps were a disaster, and she had to be rocked to sleep. I was completely exhausted and feeling defeated! After a few weeks following the plan that Jessica came up with my baby is now sleeping through the night and taking three solid naps per day. She also puts herself to sleep with little to no crying. My whole family is sleeping better and we are all much happier! Jessica not only provided a plan to follow but she answered my questions as they came up and would get back to me quickly with time sensitive questions. Sleep training is hard and can be very frustrating, but having Jessica’s support and input really made things a lot easier for me and I felt confident in what I was doing. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Lauren, mother of 5 month old
Thank you Jessica! Our little one now sleeps through the night and I am physically and mentally better and rested and so is my baby! We enjoy our time together during the day and sleep peacefully at night.
— Diana, Mother of 1 year old
I was skeptical at first, but after waking up 9 times in one night I was desperate. After a quick Google search I found Jessica and made a decision to figure this sleep thing out. Best decision I ever made! It has changed my life. Having a rested baby and Mommy make for better days to enjoy the good stuff. She very clearly set forth a plan with rules to follow combined with follow up support. It works, it really does. Thanks Jessica!
— Lindsey, mother of 8 month old
Jessica is very professional and knowledgeable in her field. We had our worries that we may not be able to do it ourselves, but with her guidance and support we were able to regain the peace of mind and sleep at night. She took us from the terrible nights with our 13 month old being up for hours in the middle of the night and taking over an hour to fall asleep on my hands, to the perfect nights with our baby falling asleep alone in her room and staying asleep throughout the night within a couple of weeks after our initial meeting with Jessica. We had to do our homework as parents, but it was well worth it! And we could not have done it without Jessica’s knowledge of what we needed to do, when and how. We are very grateful for finding you! Thank you!
— Daniel & Diana, parents of 22 month old
Jessica is very skilled and knowledgeable about a variety of sleep training techniques. She was flexible, and tailored her recommendations to our parenting style. She gave detailed and practical instructions. She followed my daughter’s sleep patterns very closely, and anticipated problems before they arose many times, so that we were able to head them off at the pass. She was VERY available for questions - I could e-mail her at any time and she would provide a detailed response. She is quite intelligent and experienced, and great at recognizing patterns in sleep and providing personalized recommendations. Our life changed tremendously after working with her. We went from our daughter waking every 1.5 hrs during the night, and only going back to sleep by being walked in the stroller (in the middle of the night, many times) to sleeping from 7 PM to 6 AM without interruption within 3 nights, and in a way that was not at all traumatic for her, and I think gave her more confidence in her ability to self-soothe.
— Nicole, mother of 12 month old, Canada
Jessica was a lifesaver! I was to the point of looking for a psychologist due to the lack of sleep that resulted in crankiness, lack of patience, and LOTS of crying for ME!!! My baby was 11 months old and was still waking up at least 2x every night. And sometimes it would take him 2 hours to fall back asleep as every time I put him down, he would start crying and I would have to hold him a little longer. I was afraid of a sleep trainer as I thought they would tell me to let the baby cry. However, Jessica came to our house and was very professional, explained the different programs to us, and helped us through the process. With the training he learned how to put himself to sleep, was sleeping through the night, and learned how to put himself back to sleep without my help. What a lifesaver!!!! Thank you Jessica !!
— Paula, mother of 11 month old
Jessica at Luli Sleep was a wonderful sleep trainer. The restful sleep that my husband, son and I get now would not have been possible without utilizing the methods that she taught us. We are so glad that we sought her out, at our pediatrician’s recommendation. My husband and I feel like new people! I also know that our son is benefiting from getting all the rest he needs to grow and develop well.

We refer to Jessica as our sleep angel :-) because she really was. She listened to our wishes to have gentle sleep training without “crying it out” and she was able to teach us how to do it. She was so patient with us and always made herself available to answer questions and point us in the right direction. Although it may have taken a little longer than if we let our son “cry it out,” it was effective and we are so happy that this part of our parenting is under control. There used to be so much anxiety and frustration involved with getting our son to nap or sleep for the night. We used all of the usual sleep crutches, nursing, the swing, the rocker, the car ride—it was just so exhausting and unpredictable! Now he is on a great schedule and can simply be put down in his crib to sleep! It is fantastic! I have told anyone I know with a new baby about the benefits of doing sleep training with Jessica, and the fact that it can be done without “crying it out”!
— Sonja, mother of 5 month old
My husband and I are first-time parents and really didn’t know what we were doing as far as developing good sleep habits for our daughter. We did whatever we had to do to get sleep but finally we ended up walking her to sleep for hours and at 3 a.m. one morning, we decided we needed help. I contacted Jessica the next day and it was one of the best things we did for our entire family. Jessica walked us through the sleep training and provided support, especially during the first couple of days which are not easy. After a few days our daughter settled into a routine of going to sleep on her own, without any walking. Now she sleeps through the night and naps, and people are honestly jealous of how well she sleeps! We can’t thank Jessica enough and would recommend her to any new parents.
— Jordan, mother of 6 month old
Our family of three found relief with Jessica. Though overall a good and healthy baby, our son would wake up every 2-3 hours and was easily irritable. My husband and I were easily irritable as well from exhaustion. Jessica worked with our schedules, which are highly demanding, and met us at our home. She walked us through our baby’s sleep needs and made us comfortable with the process. Because our baby was healthy and young we decided to use the cry it out method with a dream feed. Jessica monitored our baby’s progress and provided daily reports. She answered all our questions. The results were unexpected. We thought it would just let everyone at home get more rest but it was more than that. Our baby became more relaxed, happy, willing to be carried in whatever position you wanted, willing to be snuggled and kissed. We felt more united as a family. We are so grateful for Jessica’s guidance.
— Marissa, mother of 5 month old
I deeply recommend Jessica to help you with sleeping training. Our son Luca never slept through the night and after 13 months we decide to contact Jessica to help us. I confess I was afraid of letting Luca cry and that it wouldnt help at all, but I was amazed how his sleep habits changed. In just 2 weeks he was not only sleeping by himself without the need to rock him but also he was sleeping through for 9 to 10 hours. Our life literally changed and I am so thankful for having Jessica to help me during this path... cause without her I wouldn’t be able to do it !!!!
— Nicole, mother of 13 month old
Liam was just under a year old and woke up about 6-7 times a night from DAY ONE looking to nurse/eat and napped horribly unless he was nursing. I knew it wasn’t because he was hungry! I just couldn’t do anymore. I finally broke down and called Jessica. Now I know what it feels like to think “why didn’t I do this sooner!?” Liam now sleeps in his crib all night long. As a result of this, his naps have gotten so much better! The part that really surprised me about the whole thing was that I was never simply “told what to do”. I was asked what my goals were and what success looked like to me, and then I was provided with options to get there, with check-ins all along the way. Jessica, you hear this so often but THANK YOU! You gave me my sleep back in this process. Everybody in my house is sleeping better from it!
— Francesca, mother of 11 month old
Prior to working with Jessica, my daughter would refuse naps much of the time and when I could get her to nap it was only in a swing. She also was waking up 1-3 times a night. I really didn’t know how I was going to function at work while getting no sleep myself. We first tackled night time sleep and worked together to get my daughter to sleep through the night. Eventually we worked on nap training. With the advice from Jessica on how to approach our daughter’s naps and night time sleep, we now have an excellent sleeper! Having someone explaining appropriate times of day sleep, schedules, importance of a bed time routine, etc is extremely helpful. We were able to help our daughter learn how to put herself to sleep in her crib day/night with Jessica’s help!
— Kimberly, mother of a 6 month old
When I first contacted Jessica I was in pretty bad shape. I was exhausted and frustrated, getting very little sleep can have a big effect on your mood and the time you spend with your child. I was being woken up about every hour and did not know what to do. After speaking with Jessica I felt better and like there was some hope. We came up with a plan, that did not only deal with my daughter’s sleeping at night. It included times to eat, nap and a pretty good routine. The routine helped a lot, even before the sleep training started. I started seeing results pretty quickly. My daughter is sleeping and napping better than ever, I couldn’t believe it! I recommend Jessica to anyone that is suffering sleepless nights. It is the best money I have ever spent! Now that my baby and I are getting more sleep, we are both in better moods and can enjoy the time we spend together. All you have to do is be consistent and follow Jessica’s advice. She is with you every step of the way. Thank you!
— Ilene, mother of a 6 month old
Hiring Jessica was the best decision I could have done! Her support and knowledge is invaluable. Sleep training is hard- but so much easier with a professional , someone that walks you by the hand in this process. I’m super pleased with her level of service. Highly recommend!
— Anonymous
I had gotten my son used to being rocked to sleep for every nap and during the night, not realizing that he would grow and get heavier by the minute. Putting him to sleep (and keeping him asleep) was getting worse everyday. At almost 6 months I was desperate to teach him how to self-soothe. That’s when I contacted Jessica. Not only did she guide me through the coaching but she was also there for me at all times and extremely understanding of my fears as a first time mom. My son now sleeps through the whole night and I finally have ‘me time’ during his naps! Thank you very much Jessica, you have truly been a life saver for my family.
— Romina, mother of 6 month old
Jessica helped me achieve what I thought at the time was going to be the hardest most heart ranching thing I had to do. She not only heard my needs and wants, she supported me all the way through, without judgment. The approach we took could not have gone better, with very little crying and with in just a few weeks, I went from co sleeping my 19 month old to putting her in her crib and walking out of the room and closing the door. We are now all getting the sleep we need. It is the best money we have ever spent! We couldn’t have chosen a better sleep consultant, Jessica you are a true professional! Thank you so much for teaching us how to get her to sleep on her own and through the night!
— Lisa, mother of 19 month old
Jessica was a life saver for us. My 4 month old was waking up every one and a half to two hours and eating all night and within 2 weeks of our consultation he was down to waking up only one time in the middle of the night for a short time. Within the month he slept the whole night and now at 6 months he doesn’t need to eat from 7-6 and rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. Jessica was extremely responsive through the whole process talking me through any issues or questions I had. Definitely beyond worth every penny.
— Erica, mother of 5 month old
My husband and I called Jessica when our son turned 18 months. We had been struggling with sleep since he started teething at about 5 months. I had counted 3 “sleep through the night” nights since he was born. Exhaustion was setting in and we didn’t know what else to do. After our consultstion with Jessica, she gave us a plan we had to stick to and we started seeing results in the first couple of days. We were able with her help to eliminate middle of the night bottle and falling asleep with the bottle, sleeping through the night as well as having set nap times to regulate the daily routine. I can’t thank Jessica enough for her help, not only the plan but also e-mail and phone call support which helped re-ensure that we were on the right path on tough days.
— Sonila, mother of 18 month old
Contacting Jessica was one of the smartest things we could have ever done! Our baby was almost 7 months old and did not have a good sleeping pattern! Jessica met with us and explained to us step by step how to sleep train our baby in a way that was perfect for her! She was always available to answer all of our questions and concerns and always alleviated my fears! Our baby’s sleeping has improved greatly and Jessica was a pleasure to work with!
— Joanna
Two weeks later, and Aaron is a new baby. He takes excellent naps and sleeps through the night. Even bedtime and nap time routines are so much easier now; he loves his crib, and falls asleep easily. Thank you so much for all your help and all the tips you gave us. You helped us change those bad habits and helped us instill a great routine for Aaron. He’s another baby; a happy, and calm baby. Thank you for all your help!
— Mary, mother of 5 month old
I was thrilled when I learned about “sleep coaching,” but I wasn’t sure if it would work. However, as a sleep-deprived mother of three boys, I was willing to give it a shot. It was well worth it. In two words: life changing. Jessica explained the method in a simple fashion. She listened to us carefully and worked with us to tailor the program to suit our family’s needs. She was in regular contact to answer our questions and to help us work with our toddler. And it worked! My husband and I kept saying how our lives would have been so different if we had done this with the two older children years ago. A good night sleep makes a huge difference for both parent and child. Jessica is friendly, professional, and effective. I highly recommend Luli Sleep Consulting.
— Jan, mother of 2 year old
Jessica helped us more than we could’ve ever imagined! Her constant support, motivation, encouragement, and feedback helped us through the most difficult times when we thought we would never get our 1 year old son to sleep in his own crib in his own room. Jessica helped us put him on a schedule, and we are now able to get him to nap and sleep at night in his room and in his crib. We are very grateful for her help, and we very strongly recommend her to everyone that we meet!
— Lara, mother of 12 month old

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